Turning Archive 2006

Another Improvement for my Nova DVR

Barry Irby
>Along the lines of a weekend accomplishment, I made another improvement for my DVR. I mainly turn bowls and end up removing the tail stock frequently to avoid "turner's elbow" or to get it out of the way for coring or whatever. I have been removing it and laying on the floor. I end up picking it up and reinstalling it frequently. Much fiddling around.

Over the weekend, I made what amounts to a pivoting bed extension to park it on. I took a scrap of walnut and cut it five inches long and added some scrap aluminum angles I have been hording for years. I bought a bolt a the Borg and drilled a hole through it that matches one of the holes in the end of the bed. Epoxied the angles on and added screws for additional strength. Now, I can slide the tail-stock back onto the holder, lock it and tip it to the rear where it will lay down out of the way. Then just tip it back upright and slide it back onto the ways. Seems to work well. I was talking to someone about this and they tell me someone is making a lathe with such an accessory already in place. And I thought I invented this. All my best ideas were stolen by those who came before.

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