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Re: doubled sealed bearings and vacuum chuck

Paul Porter in Phoenix
>Jeremy asked a question about vaccuum adapters and sealed bearings the other day. He sent me a private message about my response. So I thought I would share with everybody how I made vaccuum adapters for a couple of my lathes. This is not my original idea, I read an artical in the AAW Journal in the late 90s how to do this.

(below) This is a photo of the front of the adapters with the sealed bearing in place with a ring to hold them in. I also used a small bead of silicon to seal them in. The bearings I used were from a NAPA Autoparts store. The number on the bearing is: 1605 044 Y, 6206-2RS1/C3JN.

(below) This is a photo of the back side. The adapter on the left is made from MDF to fit over the hand wheel on my Jet Mini. The adapter on the right is made from a chuck of walnut and is screwed and glued with silicon to a face plate for my old Delta/Rockwell lathe.

(below) This is a photo of the PVC connector. I turned the PVC to fit the inside of the bearing (it took me three trys to get it right). It was originally set up for a shop vac as the vaccuum source. But it was to noisey and I worried about burning up my shop vac.

I think the bearing cost about $20 at the time I made these. So it's a pretty inexpensive way to go.

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