Turning Archive 2006

Hollowing tool profiles ?

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>I bought a used Dennis Stewart arm brace tool. It had the holder for the 3/16 cutters with it, but no cutters. I picked up some 3/16 high-speed steel cutters at a local machinist supply house. If you look down from the top of the cutter what profile do you grind on yours and why? I have the Sorby MultiTip tool. Its 3/16 half round cutters come in two profiles, one shaped like a miniature curved bowl scraper and one with two flat bevels intersecting to form a corner. I bought 10 - 3/16 x 3/16 x 2 cutters for $1 each. I figure I can cut each one in two with a cutoff wheel, so that would give me 10 bits so I can have a variety of shapes if needed. I do have the tear drop scraper that I can clean up with.

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