Turning Archive 2006

Dumb day

John Lucas
>I'm having one of the those days when you do dumb things. I've managed to turn a really nice ornament and a box elder box. During the process I stuck my skew into the chuck. No I wasn't even turning. I had stopped to look at what I had done and let the point hit the chuck. It wasn't one of those dull the tip hits, it took a chunk off. Oh well I needed to clean up the bevels and reshape the edge on that tool anyway.

Then I sharpened my little 3/8" spindle gouge and I was walking back over to the lathe I stuck the point into the side of the lathe. On the plus side I'm getting some good sharpening practice for my sharpening demo on Wednesday.

I loaned out my camera so you will have to wait to see photos of the work.

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