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Keith's visit to LI *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>Yesterday Keith Tompkins came to visit the Long Island Woodturners. We were fortunate to have him the entire day. He demonstrated how he creates his turned rose piece which is up for the Niche award.

Keith stressed the importance of both good technique and good design, both issues that we discuss here frequently, so for me, yesterday was like WC live and in person. He taught us a new tool technique of using your tools on their side to get clean cuts, flutes facing 3 or 9 o clock. I tried it when I got home and rigt off the bat, I was able to do this with good results in chippy mahagony. One important thing I picked up was using your entire body movement to control your tool, something you don't get to see too often on videos. I watched him control the handle with his forearm, his torso, and even his lowe body movements. I even took notice of his foot movement and how he braces himself.

As Keith demo's his process, the entire creation of this fantastic work really made sense. Of course just looking at the final photo, you'd think it was impossible until you saw him do this.

Keith talked about how anything is possible on the lathe, and this demo sure showed it to be true. He gave us all the inspiration to be creative and challenge ourselves to go beyond what we think we can do. My head is full of ideas right now, heck I had a hard time concentrating on my drive home yesterday.

Don't miss your chance to see Keith at the Symposium. And even better, bring him to your club for a whole day. You sure can't beat that. He is talented, creative, innovative, and one of the most down to earth friendly people you will meet.

Thanks for a great day Keith!

Here he is showing his detail gouge hollowing techinque for the rose

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