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Using a photo editor for design *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>For our January Hands-on night at the GHWG, we were to bring a candlestick. Over the holidays I was reading a decorating magazine at my daughters and came across a product capsule for wax candles shaped like candlesticks. It struck me immediately that the idea could be replicated using a turned form and a tea light, which we are accustomed to seeing in more low, squat configurations. My son-in-law scanned the page and emailed to me. Using Paintshop Pro, I resized and cropped out the candle on the right. I then stretch it proportionately to 8” in height. It was not going to be wide enough to hold the tea light so I stretched it again, this time only in width. I traced the pattern onto a sheet of paper and used that as a guide to turn the candlestick in soft maple. My final cut was somewhat similar but subject to the usual skew induced modifications on the fly. My daughter has a bunch of new furniture that is finished in a matt black lacquer, so with her in mind, I decided to ebonize the wood with Feibings USMC black leather dye. I let it dry for a few minutes and started applying Johnsons paste wax and buffing on the lathe. I tried some light rubbing with 0000 steel wool and wax and there is just a bit of grain peaking through. Would be interesting to see the effect of the dye and wax on an open grained wood like ash or maybe white oak. The end result finish was outstanding. Very stainy with a beautiful luster. People love to pick up and caress. Black is so classy. It is difficult to photograph, but with some contrast work from PSP, the image is not bad. My wife quickly laid claim to it and commissioned two more, yet to be done. One will be taller and one will be smaller and each will be slightly different in shape. I am going to drill two sized holes for regular candles or tea lights. I can hardly wait to get at it. Spindle turning is really enjoyable. My sister has a new solid cherry dining set and wants some for her side board that are larger and a bit bulkier. After her daughter’s wedding tomorrow we will concentrate on that.

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