Turning Archive 2006

Extreme reaction *PIC*

JKJ in East TN
>The photo below is of the most interesting wood from a limb I've ever seen. This oak limb died last summer so I cut it today for firewood. The tree is still healthy, at least 3' in diameter. The limb was over 40' long, having grown mostly horizontal about 5' from the ground.

The section below, cut next to the trunk, is about 15" top to bottom. From counting the rings, this limb was about 95 years old. The eccentric rings started forming at about 20 or 25 years.

We split some and the grain is incredibly tortured and twisted along the limb, far more than what I would have expected by looking at the outside of the limb. I see very little ring shake. I understand limb wood may warp and crack far more than normal wood so I don't know if it would be worth turning. But the shape of the heartwood and the twisted grain makes it tempting to try. The rays fan out like an inverted fountain.

Hoadley describes hardwood reaction wood as the tension wood at the TOP of the limb. Does that mean the wood at the bottom may be better behaved? Has anyone turned such wood?


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