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Re: Scorpion Carole V.

Don Pencil
>Carole V.

Good point.
I've always had a larger/longer lathe when attacking anything that would be longer than the stock mini or midi. Actually the bed extention has not been brought up before, or at least as I can remember.
I suppose those that have only the one lathe and the extention could remove it when working on a vessel that requires the Scorpion.
Do you think that is an option?

Also, Garrett brought up a good point in the earlier string.
For the Stinger only. The handle can be turned 30-45 Degres (probably counter clockwise) while still keeping the tool level. You would rotate the tool in the handle that many degrees. Whatever amount is comfortable for the individual turner.
I often do this when using a bowl gouge tool in the Scorpion handle.

What say you?

(Readers be aware that I am the manufacturer of these tools. I look forward to your thoughts on these tools and hope that you find my input helpful to you.)

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Re: Scorpion Carole V.
Re: Scorpion Carole V.
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