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Iím Going to Florida and I am LATE! *PIC*

Stephen Mushinski
>Well someone has be last to send out the exchange turning and it might just be me! Procrastination at it's best maybe! I did contact the recipient (anonymously) and asked if he would like me to post a picture on the board so at the very least he will see what is on its way.

Well .-.-.-.-.-. ( that was a drum roll) Ė Dennis Yoder you are the new owner. You were the owner when it was just a chuck of wood sitting in my basement crawl space as it had your name on it when I pulled it out.

I hope you will have it in your hands by Thursday next week. It was shipped Canada Post by dog sled and without any snow Ė they tell me 4 -10 days. BTW you already seen a picture of it but didnít know it was yours. - Steve

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Iím Going to Florida and I am LATE! *PIC*
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