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How Could I Be So Lucky

Dick Anderson
>Today was my red letter day. I got my woodturning exchange piece and it is very special.

The hollowform he sent me is outstanding and shows the care and expertise of a great woodturner. The wood color, grain and spalting is absolutely beautiful and the form perfect. My wife, Verginia, has gone back several times to look at it and each time exclaims; wow, or beautiful, or outstanding, or look at that color, or Iíve never seen such spalting before.

This piece occupies the most prominent spot in our display and is flanked by works of artists including Allan Batty, Binh Pho, Phil Brennion and Ray Allen. This artist's piece stands out above those in appearance, beauty and class. I want to thank him very much for caring. And especially for the time, effort and work he put into this exchange for all of us.

The artist of artists is our very own Dave Propst. Thank you David, you are special.

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How Could I Be So Lucky
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