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AL Drying, Cracks & Warpage- what am I missing?

Lou Krupnick
>For the past year, I've been enjoying this message board as I ever so slowly learn to use the tools, sharpen them & push the knowledge base beginner mistakes. Now, as skills are slowly improving & I'm no longer content w/ form studies & ready to actually save some of which I make. Problem is, even after trying alcohol drying, the rough turned bowls still seem to warp. Am I turning them too thin, or is this to be expected? If so, any recommendations on truing them up??

Also, was given access to a fresh cut woodpile in Silver Spring, MD this weekend. Need wood??
Lou in MD

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AL Drying, Cracks & Warpage- what am I missing?
Contact me perhaps I can help. *LINK*
Re: AL Drying, Cracks & Warpage- what am I missing
What he said.....
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