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It pays to whine...Thank you Chris Kuehn!! *PIC*

Molly Winton
>Chris Kuehn and I were consoling each other last week due to us not having received our turning exchange pieces yet. (I know it's not even to the deadline yet, but we're eager!) In our conversation he said he already sent his exchange piece to his recipient some time ago, so why, thinks I, was there a box on my doorstep yesterday with his name on the return address?? Did he trick me? Was our email pure subtefuge?? "The sneaky little cuss", thinks I again. But no, as I rip into the box as eager as a six year old Christmas morning, I find a poem. It's lengthy, so I'll just quote the appropriate stanza:

"You're not the one whose name I drew,
But from your post I took a clue"

With eager hands, but carefully since it probably was fragile, I unwrapped this cuter than a bugs ear, birdhouse ornament. It looks as if it's maple and wenge. My ornament hangers are buried under a bazillion boxes, so I wasn't able to take a better displayed picture, but I wanted y'all to see it.

Thank you so much Chris, what a special treat!

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It pays to whine...Thank you Chris Kuehn!! *PIC*
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