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necklace lamp *PIC*

Dennis Y
>Here is my interpertation of my wife's idea of a gift for a co-worker. It is 14" tall and the shade is 8" in diameter. It is made from one slab of spalted laurel oak that was urban harvested here in Central Florida and air dried. The shade is an upsidedown bowl with thickened edge to allow for the necklace hooks. The finial is ebony.
The stem is a "tulip vase" made from 4 square pieces, glued, turned, seperated, reglued, and returned. The base is a solid piece. Finish is Watco'd and buffed. The hooks are leftover from my fishing lure making days. The lamp is not electrified but could be with a little planing and effort. Thanks for looking. The friend was thrilled. Dennis

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necklace lamp *PIC*
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