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Maple-colored-carved-hammered w/pics

>Hi Everyone,

Here's something a little different from my lathe...for me anyway. In that never ending urge to explore new things to do with a turned piece I sort of tried a little of everything on this piece. This one actually started last summer while assisting for Betty Scarpino in her class at Arrowmont. I think you might be able to pick up on some subtle influences from her in the carved portion of this one. It's a piece of maple that was on the border of being a really nice piece of wood but not one for the wow-wow category so I didn't feel too bad in covering up a lot of the natural wood on this one. It has my usual shallow inner bowl and then I decided I wanted to try to use my reciprocating hand piece on the Weecher power carver to relieve some of the surface and give it some dimension. Then I hammered the bottom and also the non-colored portion of the swirl to give it some texture. The black parts were done with black gesso. I've really become fond of that stuff. It's easy to use, and control where it goes and it sits on top of the wood and doesn't soak in. This makes for a great surface to then carve away, revealing the natural wood underneath. That's what you see done with the little hash marks on the top surface. This one is about 9" diameter and 3" high. Finished with Danish oil and then a few wipes of Rockler wipe on Gel Poly.

I'm not sure if it's got too much going on or not? My sons says I copied off Betty...but Betty doesn't seem to agree. I'm not sure who to believe :)

Anyway....I'd love to hear your comments. They always mean a lot to me regardless if they are pro or con. So fire away!

Thanks for taking a peek.


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