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My Turning Exchange Arrived... *PIC*

>... from Charlie Anderson!

It is a beautiful Black Cherry bowl, 9" x 4". It tapers in nicely toward the top, with a gentle sweep in toward the base on the bottom 1/3. Very consistant thickness and beautiful finish.

This is my first and only Cherry bowl and I can now see why all you "right" coast people like it so much. We don't have this quality of Cherry readily available on the "left" coast. Charlie, we need to talk about a wood-trade...;)

Charlie said he has only been turning for about a year, but you have to wonder if he means a dog year! I don't know too many turners that can lay claim to turning this well after a year...!

Charlie used Dave Smith's DNA process on the Cherry, which was a log dump salvage of some 24" Cherry logs... seems he and Mike Schwing frequent the same dump site... so Cherry certainly doesn't last long there! The DNA process worked like a charm... a perfectly round and defect free bowl!

My wife was quite impressed and now EXPECTS me to get my hands on some Cherry and start turning salad bowls... thanks Charlie!;)

The picture does not do the bowl justice and I had to give up so I could post this... Charlie probibly has a much better picture... so please post it if you do.

Thanks again Charlie, for a very beautiful and well exicuted bowl... and if you want to get rid of a piece of that Cherry....

bowled over in the NW

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My Turning Exchange Arrived... *PIC*
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