Turning Archive 2006

Turners exchange gift received *PIC*

Lan Brady
>My apology to Michael Sinclair for my tardiness. I have not acknowledged the receipt of his gift. I have been out of commission for the past 10 days with a sinus infection.

Anyhow, I received his wonderful gift from Orkney Island on the northern tip of Scotland. It actually arrived on my birthday. Thank you twice Michael.

I do not know where to begin. The turning arrived in its own linen cover/carry case. It is of beautiful local Orkney grown Sycamore with a lower finial accent of Pink Ivory. The rim is detailed with Sisal, as is the ring base. The finish is Danish Oil. I am not a photographer by any stretch; so if you have any photos, please post them. I cannot do justice to the piece.
From the note Michael included, I realize how special this piece is. Wood is very scarce in that part of the world. He must barter for most of his turning projects. He also included a Tourist guide of the area. It details the connection of the Orkney chairs and sisal yarns.

Thanks again, it will be treasured forever.


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