Turning Archive 2006

new ornament *PIC*

John Lucas
>Here is a new ornament style that I've been working on. I did this by routing V gooves in the ornament using my fluting attachment I built. Then gluing Purple heart into the groves. The ornament body is Buckeye. The color should get more purple once it gets some sun. It's only been in the shop since cut so it's kinda brown and dull right now.

I tried very hard to make the center of the finial the same thicknes s as the top but apparently the light reflects off it differently and makes the top look thinner. Ideally your eye should flow right straight through the beads on a continuous line. It does on the bottom but not on the top. I also think the beads on the bottom should have been smaller. Both sets of beads look funny, I'm not sure why. I think it's because I put 2 instead of 3 or 1, odd numbers usually look better.

The 2 beads on the ball make it look like it's a box with a lid. I wish I had only done one bead. I wanted to add some sort of shape to the Purple heart football shapes.

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