Turning Archive 2006

Chapter web sites - need ideas

John U - Charlotte, NC
>I am re-vamping our local chapter's website, and now have space to include our archived newsletters (all PDF format), going back to 1991 -- currently at ~175 issues. I'm looking for SIMPLE ideas how to do this, other than just having a huge line-by-line list. I have tried a pull-down menu using scripts (cut&pasted script from internet searches), but my virus software alerts me every time about the scripts -- hassle for me, and I assume it will be a hassle for everyone else. Another idea is just a table, arranged with each year's worth of links per row. It's cluttered, but it's all there.

I am not a heavy-duty HTML programmer, and don't have lots of time to maintain it --- simple to follow if you are visiting the website (for those who are not really computer literate), and simple to add the next month's newsletter as it comes available. I'm looking for ideas or links to other websites with similar presentations. Maybe a simple table will be the way to go ??


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