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WC Wood Exchange-- It's Time

Mike Cunningham (Cape May)
>Email has been sent to each participant giving the contact information for the participant's recipient. (I had thought of sending everyone my address as the recipient but then had visions of an angry mob on my street, not unlike that depicted in the old Frankenstein movie and so thought better of it)

A second email has been send to each participant to ensure that they received the contact info email and to further explain and make some reminders.

Every effort was made to ensure that you're not receiving the same type of wood that you're sending. Effort was also directed toward pairing turners from different geographical locations. Please try and stick to the type of wood that you told me you planned on sending and let's all sending something that we'd be pleased to receive.

If you're sending to Canada, use USPS and not UPS. The use of UPS to Canada will cause significant expense to the person receiving the delivery.

If you have not received either or both email and previously sent your contact info to me, email me ASAP.

There are 39 participating in the exchange.


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WC Wood Exchange-- It's Time
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