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Need opinions/votes *PIC*

David Breth
>I'm working on a cucumber wood bowl, that started life as a beam in a very old structure. I wanted to retain some of the hand-hewn features, so I left two sides flat, and the bottom has a recess, but other than that, shows that original work. I've stopped work temporarily because I need to make a couple of decisions.

My questions are:
1) In sanding, how far do I take this? The wood is soft, I can sand it to a very high level, but if I do, I think it might look out of place with the hand hewn areas. I'm thinking I should stop at 220-ish or maybe even less to make it look finished but not out of place.
2) In finishing, my plan had been to use my stand by minwax antique oil finish, which I know by about the third application will render the ca glue marks invisible (currently very visible in pic), BUT, that stuff needs to be buffed out when it is sticky, and I can't really wipe it off of the hand hewn areas without leaving near-permanent sticky areas. If you have suggestions that don't involve sprayguns, I'm interested.....
3) If you have any other suggestions for this one, please let me know.

Thanks -
David B.

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