Turning Archive 2006

McNaughton coring questions.

Barry Irby
>I have a slightly older McNaughton coring system. The medium sized set with three curved knives and a straight knife. My set came with the older straight across the end grind. I posted here about not being happy with the shape of the knives. They are not a consistent curve and as such you have to wallow out the path for them. I sent them back to the Rep and he resharpened them with the newer V shaped grind. He asked me if that were OK, and I said it was, after all, he is the factory Rep. He insists the knives are bent the same way they bend them all.

I am still not happy, They are worse than before. By regrinding them, he narrowed the "kerf" and they seem to bind more than before. The thinner cut seems to aggravate the problems with the curvature. Is there a good video on these things, or am I just having problems with my expectations?

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