Turning Archive 2006

Questions for segmented turners

Barry Irby
>I know, its the turnings that are segmented, not the turners.

I have a couple of left over boards of Australian Cypress flooring. I turned some plugs today to patch holes in the floor. Not completely sure it is really Australian or Cypress, but it smells great and turns like butter. I was thinking of cutting it up and making a segmented bowl out of it. Now for the questions,

If I glue up multi-sided rings, how do I flatten them, so I can glue them in a stack to make the bowl? I have a Performax. Can I just run them through, or do I need a sled?

What kind of glue do I use?

Without getting too complicated, whats the best?easiest way to cut the segments. And while you are at it, how high is UP? I am not thinking of a fancy pattern, just a bowl.

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