Turning Archive 2006

Wood Blank Exchange FINAL EDITION

Mike Cunningham (Cape May)
>The deadline for joining the wood blank exchange has arrived. The following 36 turners sent their contact info to me along with what they plan on sending. The names will be drawn this evening and email will go out tomorrow or Tuesday 1-17 at latest. Each of you have received an email further explaining.

Mike Cunningham

David Propst
Ed Karch
Paul Porter
John Foley
Mike Cunningham
Dean Peters
Doug Miller
Kurt Rosenzweig
Harvey Brooks
Larry Litwin
Dawn Adams
Molly Winton
Sean Troy
Sam Scalzo
Clem Wixted
Ed Kelle
Lester Gillett
Bob Moffett
Doug Jones
Steve Woodall
Jeff Taylor
Jason Clark
Chris Andrews
Bert Smith
Al Neighbors
Chip Peterson
Rick Davenport
David Breth
Barry Scotton
Ernie Taylor
Jack Savona
Bernie McGivern
Greg Kulibert
Roger Smith
OB O'Brien
Scott Longberry
Jennifer Shirley

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