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Ken Oakley-Sunny St. Cloud, Fla.
>In an earlier thread I mentioned I had thrown a batch of warped pen blanks I had cut out of Orange,(Citrus), in the trash because I didn't want to list them on Ebay. Somebody said my junk might be someone elses treasure and there would be turners only to happy to have it.
If anybody is interested I will ship a USPS Flat Rate box full of, usable, mostly camphor and or citrus woods to anyone who will send me the cost of the postage on a first come, first serve basis. This maybe over a period of weeks , months or however long. If you are interested send me an email off this board at Kenad1032@aol.com and I will contact you when I am ready to send some and give you my address or Paypal account ID so you can send Postage. If you use Paypal they charge me a service fee for transactions so I will ask for that over and above the USPS Flate Rate of $8.20.It is only a small charge but if thousands of you respond I could go into bankruptcy paying it.
Alot of people on Woodcentral who have been here as long as I have know me as a little wierd but a generally all around straight guy. I am not looking to make anything on this. Just a way of getting rid of stuff I can't use.
If you want to check out my Ebay feedback score my user name is Deltakong.
In fact I have some spalted orange pen blanks listed right now in the event you want to see what you might get or email me and I will send photos of more blanks I will list later.I also have some photos of Camphor. I also get other woods like black gum, cypress, soft maple,bay tree.
Sometimes included will be branches too thin for me to spend time cutting square or not staight, or long enough to get a 6" lenghth.

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