Turning Archive 2006

Maple Burl Hollowform *PIC*

David Propst
>This was turned from a three year old piece of maple with was pretty much dry, but it still turned nicely. It is 5"x6" with about 1/4" walls. Sealed with two coats of Deft and then wet sanded with Velvit oil (400grit). It will get at least two coats of Tru-Oil with buffing with Abralon 500-2000.

The opening is a bit bigger than planned due to a stuck forstner bit which required some delicate excavating with a 1/4" spindle gouge. This piece was close to becoming mulch!

I went ahead and photographed it without the Tru-Oil because my wife was requesting I take down my PVC photo tent on the dinner table. It worked out very well as with a matte finish hot spots were not a problem.

This is my second Exchange piece. They will both mail out Monday. I gave my daughter the names of my two recipients and let her pick which each one goes to.

Critiques welcome!

Thanks for looking,


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