Turning Archive 2006

FINALY! It's alive

>Well after several months of just sittin and collecting dust I have the old J-line I bought going tonight. It's a 3 phase motor so I installed the Variable Frequency Drive. Installation was simple (for me anyway). It took a couple of hours but I had a false start. I was going to keep the Mag Switch that was on the lathe because I liked the big stop and start buttons, but turned out the switch was dead. So I had removed it and remounted the VFD and wired it direct to the motor.

Operation is very smooth and any speed you want. I still prefer to use the Reeves drive as the handle is more convenient than the dial on the drive.

I then found this blank I made when I got the lathe. Despite the fact the lathe was sitting in the middle of the floor and that I had to steal a plug off my table saw I HAD to try it out.

Nothing to brag about but I see my idea will work. Now I will spend some time on making some good blanks. But man it felt good to be turning again. First completed turning in 14+ years!

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