Turning Archive 2006

photo quality

John Lucas
>I've looked at a lot of photos on this site in the last week or so and there seems to be a common thread. There are 3 problems that show up most often and all are easy to correct.

The first one is orange looking photos. This is usually cause by having the camera set on daylight white balance when you should be using Tungsten white balance on your camera.

The second is out of focus or fuzzy photos. There are usually 2 reasons for this this. One is that the camera won't focus close enough. If your camera has a macro or close up mode switch to that setting. If not back up until the bowl is in focus and then crop it later so with your software so the bowl fills the frame. There are actually 2 other possibilities. One is a shutter speed that is to slow to hand hold and get sharp photo. Use a tripod. The 3rd possibility is simply the auto focus picked the wrong point to focus on. If you have manual focus use that, if not see if your camera has a focus lock feature and use that.

The last one is not really a problem but your photos will look a lot better. Use a plain background, not wrinkled cloth. This could be as simple as ironing the cloth or use piece of poster board. There are some beautiful pieces being photographed and a poor background takes away from quality of the piece.

This is not a critic or a rant just trying to help you present your work so it can be seen it the best light.

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