Turning Archive 2006

Got mine today!

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I got my turning exchange today too. I have been itching to know who my person was, since Mr. Propst informed me that he was "startled" when the name came to the surface which was designated for me, especially since I was designated for Mr. Propst (along with Tom Buchner I see). I guess I can reveal that since it is no surprise to him. ;-) I think he used startled to describe his reaction because the three of us go way back in internet time.

I got a pen. It is a very nice pen, a platinum gentleman's rollerball made with stabilized box elder burl. I will be sure to take a picture and post it when I take the picture of my yet to be mailed piece (the finish is almost dry David!). This pen has some special meaning, because it comes from a person who is already a good friend. BUT, even more so, this person has excelled in making pens, and what makes this all the richer, is that the very first time we met, I took him to my shop and made a pen and gave it to him as a gesture of friendship. It was also an unvarnished effort to suck him into the world of turning. He was very polite, and told me that while this turning stuff was very fascinating, he was not really interested in getting involved. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks, Jim Shaver! It is a real beauty, and the fact that it is a pen from you has lots of special meaning for me.


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