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Spalted Maple Hollowform *PIC*

David Propst
>This 8 x 4.5” hollow form is from a spalted maple crotch piece. It was originally going to have an ebony collar, but I decided the simpler form would be less distracting and allow the nice top figure to be shown to greatest advantage. The form is more squat than I prefer, but again I was trying to show off what I thought was a spectacular piece of wood.

My hollow forms are becoming lighter (thinner) and this is the lightest for the size I have yet turned. The walls are approximately ¼". It was fun to show it to my wife and then hand it to her and see her expression when she felt how light it was. I have a small hollow form of Wally’s that I keep near for inspiration and the lightness has been commented on by everyone I have shown it too.

The piece was sanded to 400 grit, Deft was applied a couple of times and wiped off to seal the wood, next two coats of Velvit Oil were wet sanded on with 400 grit, and then two coats of Tru-Oil. Before, between and after Tru-Oil oil coats it was buffed with Abralon 500-2000.

Please offer your critiques. My turning exchange recipient won’t mind! :-)

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