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Allen Neighbors
>I guess I'm just old enough with thick enough skin, to wonder why anyone would want to ask for critiques, and then get bent out of shape when they get one.
When I put a pic on and ask for critiques, that's what I really want. I don't care how "brutal" you get with me about one of my turnings, but I don't only want to know what's wrong, I want to know what I might do to correct the errors. That's the way I learn. And if I take a hit, maybe it will help someone else that's just a beginner, too. I don't mind.
I am a novice woodturner. I don't want to stay a novice. I am not financially able to travel much, and even then distance is still a factor, so I have never attended a class. The nearest club that I can find is over 100 miles away, and I can't get in touch with anyone at that one to even know if it's still active.
I've learned an awesome amount from reading posts on this forum, and I appreciate you folks so much. I am thrilled that you would take the time to help out newby turners like myself. Each of you have my respect and admiration. I look at your work with admiration and awe... when I grow up, I want to be like you. :o)
Anyway. Thanks a lot for your time and your instructions of the past couple of months. You all are A-one in my mind.
Thanks for listening.

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