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Florida Symposium

Dennis Y
>Attended the opening session of the Symposium in Lake Yale today. Met fellow WC'ers Gary Evans and Ruth Miles. Gary had some really hot turning blanks. Ruth had her bottle stoppers and shirts from Molly. What a pair! Ruth's stoppers lived up to advanced notices. What a nice product and should help sell my stoppers. Ruth had 2 Molly's withe her. This was the first time I had seem Molly's work up close and personal. Molly, Molly, Molly how wonderful your work is. Photos do not do them justice. Went to 2 rotations today. Al Hockenbery did a great multi axis demo. Dixie Biggs carved and burned her hollow forma. Tomorrow is Frank Sudol, Cindy Drozda, and Phil Brennion. Dennis spending way too much money.

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Florida Symposium
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