Turning Archive 2006

Hard Rock Maple in Buffalo, NY area

David Breth
>I found a few leftover trunk segments of hard rock maple that are quite nice and in an area dump pile (where Christmas trees, etc., end up). These are sections maybe three feet tall and four to five feet in diameter that a fellow left there after hacking firewood out of the balance of the tree. There are lots of good blanks in these pieces, including some crotch pieces if I recall. When the guy was cutting up his firewood, I met him, and he gave me a piece of his scrap - which turned out to be enough for a tiny finger bowl and two small bowls. If you haven't turned it, hard rock maple is pretty nice stuff - end grain treats you nicely, turns nicely, and results in a very pretty bowl I think.

These pieces will eventually be ground up into powder unless some enterprising person chainsaws out some blanks (they were still there a couple of days ago...). I don't have a gas chainsaw and I'm not daddy deep-pockets to pick one up - if anyone is close and would be interested, please contact me. I hate to see good wood go to waste.

David B.

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