Turning Archive 2006

turners pains

John Lucas
>Let's do a discussion on aches and pains that turners have and any solutions you have found. I'll start.

Carpel Tunnel. Use moderately large tool handles. A lot of us make our own tools and small diameter tools will cause Carpel Tunnel, especially small handheld hollowing tools like ornament hollowers.

Back problems In my old shop I had chinning bar. Just hanging from this several time a day really relaxes your back. Put a 4" block of wood near your lathe and put one foot up on it for a while. Alternate feet. This really helps your back.

Feet problems. I use a matt religiously. Good shoes are a must but I'm too lax on that one.

I won't even go into eyes, we all know safety glasses at the very least are essential.

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