Turning Archive 2006

Some humble Christmas turnings *PIC*

Dan in the NW
>A small story goes with these turnings. About 6 weeks before Christmas I was at Mom's house putting shelves in her pantry. In the corner was a cutting board I made a few years ago. I asked her if she still used it. She explained that there were some problems and it needed rehabbing before she could use it any more. I gladly offered to rehab it.

It led to an obvious chose for her Christmas present. A 15" pepper mill, a 7 1/2" salt mill, and a 4" toothpick holder in walnut and oak. The pepper mill and salt mill were finished an I gave them to her for Christmas. I finished up the toothpick holder and cutting board over the weekend.

Life presents us numerous opportunities to thank our parents for all they have done for us. Many times we don't recognize those opportunites or avoid them. I am but a humble woodworker. Where words fail me, I hope my hands will allow me to express my feelings. As a 9th grader in 1975 I gave her my first formal woodworking project for Christmas. Tomorrow, I get to return it to her improved and ready for the next 30 years. She also gets my first segmented project(s) to make the set complete. (Thank You, Mom!)


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