Turning Archive 2006

motor woes

Claudia Hayward
>I was merrily working away on my Nova 3000 (not DVR) on Sunday when I heard an ominous bang in my motor. To make a long sad story short, it turns out that the shaft of the motor snapped inside the motor. The motor shop that I took it to said that it snapped as cleanly as if it had been cut by a knife. This is a Leeson 1hp DC variable speed motor about 6 years old.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I thought Leeson was a pretty good name in motors. Now I am looking at big bucks to repair or replace (sigh)

Thought I would phone customer service at Leeson but suspect it won't do me any good. Can anyone offer any advice? (sympathy also accepted!)

Thanks in advance....

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