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*** Friday the 13th - Your Lucky Day! *** *LINK*

Ellis Walentine
>Yes you can still get in on our introductory offer of heavy fleece WoodCentral jackets. My earlybird special on these heavy Sherpa fleeces turns to a pumpkin tomorrow, Friday the 13th, so if you want to take advantage of these special prices ($56 for S-XL, $61 for 2X-3X -- postage included), hop over to the Woodcentral store and place your orders. I will be entering our order at noon tomorrow. I will not be inventorying these jackets. Future pricing will depend on the deals du jour that I am able to negotiate, but it's not likely to ever go lower than this.

For more information, refer to my earlier post about our new lines of fleece jackets.

Thanks again for your support,
Ellis Walentine, Host

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