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Tom Sontag - St. Louis
>I visit here 4 or 5 times per week to soak in some knowledge and view some nice art. I noted one or two threads about some kind of exchange a while back but paid little mind since my turning experience can be measured in hours, not days or years. But after seeing the quality of work being given, I have to say this: each and every one of you folks should be extremely proud of your talent and skill. I do not even mention the graciousness behind the whole idea - that was proven back in the Katrina fund raiser.

I am truly humbled and impressed by the quality of the work put out here! I will not pretend that I don't like some pieces better than others, but I have yet to see one that did not entail lots of accumulated skill on top of hours of selfless effort. I tip my WC cap to you all.

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