Turning Archive 2006

Critique the Old Guy-Again,Please *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>This is a chunk of Mesquite that I didn't want to burn. It was barely over 5" diameter, and I could have turned a goblet, but I opted for something I'd never tried before. I cut the ends at a slant, but parallel, and mounted it between centers, but off centered. Make sense? ...so the vase would be turned off axis from the pith... that's the best I can explain it.
Anyway. This vase is 9 1/2 inches tall. It's big mouth/spout thing is 5 1/4 inches across. The bottom is 3 1/4 dia. The foot is 2 3/4 inches. The foot isn't flat, though it appears to be in my lousy photo.
Proportions looked so bad to me, that I was going to put it in my stove. But something made me finish it, and my wife saw it. She liked it. Showed it to some of her friends, and they liked it, too. I know the proportions aren't kosher with givens, but...
Take your shots. I need opinions of other turners. Thanks, AL

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