Turning Archive 2006

My Exchange Box Came!! *PIC*

>Well I was away from the house all day today and when I got home this evening....there it was! A box on the porch from the Post Office! Well after being teased with poetry all week long about it's contents.....you can imagin that the anticipation was killing me! Well I have to tell you that not only did I receive a fabulous turned vessel made from cherry....but also a wonderful eccentrically turned piece that I am calling a sculpture, that was turned from peach wood....and if that wasn't enough....a lovely hunk of that peach tree was in the box too! What a fantastic box of goodies! The lovely letter that was included in the box was signed by Raymond Overman.....and I'm going to guess that Raymond...you are AKA Anonymous Bob! Thank you for such a wonderful ride this week with all of the great poems and fun. You have made a fantastic event even more special.

For everyone's enjoyment I have included a picture of the cherry piece...and I will post the sculpture in the next post. This cherry vessel is incredibly thin and I just love this form. It reminds me of the Southwest forms that I grew to love when I lived in Arizona for 8 years. Very well done Raymond. It's lovely and thanks again! You made my week :)


PS: Thanks also goes to David Propst for putting this exchange together....oh, what fun!!

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