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Wally, critique from thread below *PIC*

Ken DeMarco
Here is the picture of a hollow form I did a while ago, cherry turned wet and allowed to warp, I really like the shape it took and the feel of the grain and the ripple it has where there is curl. the biggest problems I had where the discoloration of the sap wood and gitting the base just right after turning it around. ( i used a jam chuck. it is 6" tall 6" wide 3/4" opening base 1 1/2" Sanded to 800 grit, dried for a month then hand sanded with 6 and 800 grit finished with 5 coats watco then buffed with beal system I look foward to hearing your comments, and like I said I am looking for an honest critique. any questions let me know.
Ken Demarco
ps if anyone else would like to chime in thats OK by me, this started in the thread about critiques below

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