Turning Archive 2006

Thanks Keith (skew beads advice)

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>Just want to thank Keith Tompkins for the tip on turning small beads with the long point of the skew, in last Saturday's thread, "The hardest cut in wood turning".
Keith, I didn't get around to trying it until yesterday, but found it a lot easier than a rolling cut using the short point, for the small beads under say, 1/4" radius. I'm having a little trouble starting the cut at top center of the bead, to avoid a "corner". The skew has to be swung way over for this starting cut, at least for my skew with a long bevel.
I have a small round skew with a wider bevel angle and a shorter handle so I don't have to step back as far, but I want to get the hang of this cut with my regular flat skew and not have to reach for another tool.
Still working on it, just wanted to let you know your advice has not gone unheeded!

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