Turning Archive 2006

"Overwhelmed" *PIC*

Chris Wright
>This is the final product of a piece that has been in and around the shop for about a year "in process".

Titled "Overwhelmed" the design was to be a 'living' form overwhelming another. To accentuate this, I incorporated different textures and colors to give it a feeling of light vs. darkness. This is the second piece in my "Darkness" series.

The body is Sycamore, the collar is apple. Turned, carved, & burned. Each line in the burn pattern was done individually by hand. There is a 5 coat gloss lacquer finish on the "light" form, while black gesso was used for the "dark" piece.

7" diameter x 6 1/4" tall, the dark areas have a wall thickness of approx. 1/8" thick.

Some approximate stats for those interested:
3 hours turning; 16 hours carving; 6 hours sanding & detailing; 7 1/2 hours wood burning; 3 hours painting

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