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Bandsaw Wars: VICTORY! *PIC*

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Here is a pic of my "free" Delta bandsaw after what seems like months of effort to get it operational.

The 6" riser is custom made from 1" square tubing. The design was approved by an engineer buddy and he did the welding on it. It has a hickory sqare in each corner, two of which have holes for the alignment pins.

The motor is a 1HP Baldor which I got from Gary in Zirconia when I was in NC for the Statesville show. Thanks, Gary.

I still need to fabricate a safety guard for the left side of the blade, find some hexagonal stock for the upper guide assy, replace the blade thrust bearings and the tires. A better blade is also in the plan.

Right now, not counting my labor, I have $130 in the saw, including the cost of the blades.


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Bandsaw Wars: VICTORY! *PIC*
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