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Happiness is...package from Molly

Wayne Cooper in Charlotte
>Happiness is ........ receiving a package with Molly's return address on it.
I was working on my projects to send out this past weekend. Judy (my wife) ask me what the exchange was about. I used Molly as an example and showed her the cover of the wood turning catalog and said someone is going to receive one of her pieces. I told her how she had developed an instantly recognizable style and that I saw one of her pieces at the Statesville NC symposium. I never dreamed it would be me being lucky enough to get one. Last night I pulled up the picute that Molly posted last Friday with the two pieces and had Judy read how everyone wanted to be the lucky one. When she finished reading the nice things everyone said, I handled her Molly's package. What a surprise. Thank you Molly and thank everyone for this great idea. I hope everyone is as pleased as I was.

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Happiness is...package from Molly
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