Turning Archive 2006

Some comments on the Chat Room, Critiques, etc.

>Critiques, and on-line critiques in particular, have always scared most people away. Ellis tried to solve this reluctance to ask for comments by starting a separate forum for posting and receiving critiques that was removed from the public view of the general forums. All anyone had to do was post a photo, ask the question, and tell the general forum that it was there. To my knowledge, not a single person from the Woodturning Forum ever did that. I see that the Critique forum has now disappeared

Terry Daniel is going to discuss the design elements of the bowl on the Chat Room tonight. There have been a lot of photos sent in, and Terry has asked that anyone wanting their work discussed to write their messages and ask their questions in "Blue". The audience will be limited to whoever is in attendance and the proceedings will not be recorded. And, you can hit the "Ignore" button if you don't want to hear what some individual is saying. It can't get any easier than this. I hope there are a lot of "blue messages".

Why does all of this have to happen for just 1-hour a week on a Wednesday night?? The Chat Room is one of WoodCentral's least used features. It is there for anyone to use for a 1-on-1 conversation on any topic at any time other than the 8 hours a week that it is used for the scheduled Chats. Using the Chat Room for private conversation isn't as good as the telephone, but it the next best thing, and it is a lot cheaper than the telephone. And, it is a lot faster than E-mail messages.

The Chat Room presents an opportunity for a private discussion about any topic, or a critique of your work, with anyone you want to schedule a few minutes with. Has anybody used it for that?? I have made the offer 2 times in the past 2 years, and the response was underwhelming - ZERO. At the time, Wally also offered to do the same thing. I doubt that his response has been much more than mine. My conclusion has to be that nobody wants to hear what we have to say, or they don't think us qualified to say it.

There is an abundance of experience and talent among the group. We may not be as "famous" as some of the folks on WOW, but we are a lot more accessable. I am wondering why nobody is taking advantage of it. All it takes is a couple E-mail messages to schedule a chat time, and a photo if you want a critique.

My conclusion is that, while everyone says they want a critique of their work, nobody really wants to hear what anyone has to say. And, that is their loss.

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