Turning Archive 2006

The last installment - Jennifer

Anonymous Bob
>Todays the day,
It should be there,
Whisked through the post,
With grace and care.

Neat and tight,
Amidst the creases,
I hope they're not,
In a million pieces.

A Winton it's not,
Nor a Schwing,
And one piece,
You would call "Thing".

A Tompkins, a Kauder,
I could not compete,
A Valentine or Andrew,
would be a treat.

We've all had fun,
With jokes and turning,
Just remember friends,
It's all about learning.

To do your best,
To strive for better,
To read the wood,
To reduce the chatter.

Sharpen your chisels,
Ride the bevel,
Keep all your cuts,
Smooth and level.

Balance is key,
To all masters,
Wish I could learn,
Just a little faster.

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