Turning Archive 2006

texturing question

Carol Reed - Dubuque, IA (temporarily)
>This not for a turning but you folks seem to have more experience with it.

I want a textured line on a panel. Something in the neightborhood of 1/4 to 3/8 wide. My thought was to file a checkered pattern in the end of a piece of square stock and use it as a stamp. Will that work? Also, are the wood fibers crushed or cut? It seems to me the finish would 'take' differently. Which is sort of the point. My finish will be clear and I want the texturing detail to offer a hint of a design detail found in other furnishings in the same area. Oh, the wood is white oak, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for input. I have lots of flat woodworking expereince but I have never tried this before and it is for a client, so I can't mess it up. :-)

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