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Part Deux - For Jennifer

Anonymous Bob
>A hint I think,
Is now in line,
Wood in a box,
But what kind?

First things first,
A small token,
Eccentric and odd,
Is it broken?

A summer treat,
While on the beach,
Soon Jen will see,
That it's a peach.

Second things second,
Inviting and warm,
Though it is small,
A closed form.

This trees fruit,
Isn't so hairy,
Blossoming flowers,
That are oh so cherry.

Third things third,
I sent the fork,
Here's the bowl,
You provide torque.

Again sweet fruits,
Within your reach,
Feathery figures,
From this peach.

Two were turned,
One yet to be,
In a full box,
You will see.

The turner's exchange,
Was fun for me,
What wonderous things,
Come from a tree.

Some say I tease,
Some think it funny,
From flowering trees,
The bees make honey.

I will not say,
From whence it came,
It will arrive,
Just the same.

The riddle solved,
Hope for Jen's delight,
The exchange complete,
By tomorrow night.

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Part Deux - For Jennifer
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Me Too Dennis! :) *NM*
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