Turning Archive 2006

Willow - could not resist posting *PIC*

David Breth
>My 21st bowl (I number them to see how I'm doing someday when I reach 100 and compare it to number 1, etc.). The guy across the street from me took down a willow tree, and I grabbed a hunk. At the time I only had a bow saw, and had to cut out the blank by hand. It was excruciating, so I only got one blank. But it was nice of the guy to cut down the tree and move it piece by piece from his back yard to the curb for me so I could make my selection.

I didn't have much hope for it at first, because a few people said they felt the willow was stringy to turn. I got the piece in May, and just turned it a few days ago. It was completely dry and stable, and turned unbelievably well. First pic is the lathe after the fact, with the bounty sitting next to it. Next post is the finished piece.

David B.

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