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*** Fleece Jacket Update! *** *LINK*

Ellis Walentine


Yep, I just picked up the first shipment of our new lightweight fleece jackets today and they're ready to go as soon as we receive your order. If you expressed interest when I asked for a show of hands, now's the time to make your vote official!

LIGHTWEIGHT FLEECE SPECS: These are 14-oz. polyester microfleece jackets with a full zipper in front, two zippered pockets with elastic pull tabs and an elastic bottom drawstring with barrel clasp. They are very light and comfortable, yet surprisingly toasty. You can wear them indoors or out. I've been wearing mine all day long. (Okay, I don't sleep in it, and daytime temps have been in the 30s lately.) They are washable and pill-resistant and available in any color you want as long as it is charcoal gray.


These are the warmest fleece coats I could find, bar none. They are made of 20.5 oz., 100% polyester fleece with a deep-pile "Sherpa fleece" lining and a smooth outside layer that wicks moisture out while keeping your body heat in. Unlike the lightweight fleece, this one has no drawstring in the bottom hem; it is purposely open to allow you plenty of mobility. Here in PA, it has become my go-to jacket for working and playing outdoors, in temperatures well below freezing. We're offering two colors: black or sage (a sort of grayish green, see below).

Now, here's the deal: Because these heavyweights are a little more expensive and I want to offer two colors, I am not going to stock them, at least not at the moment. The regular prices (including postage and handling) for these jackets will be $65 for sizes S-XL and $71 (2X-3X). With the cost of postage, that leaves only a slim margin for WoodCentral, and it get slimmer if I order only one or two coats at a time. For this reason, I plan to aggregate our orders, that is, wait until I have at least three or more coats on order from you before I place my order with our vendor. Once we place our order, we should be able to have them embroidered and ship them to you within ten days.

Our vendor is offering me a discount through January 13 (this Friday!), so if you order by then, I can knock almost 15% off our regular list price in our store. That means $56 for S-XL and $61 for 2X-3X, postage & handling included. I don't know when we'll get a deal like that again, so if you're in, head over to the store now to take advantage of these great prices.

Winter is due back with a vengeance any day now, so I'm looking forward to lots of orders this week!

Thanks for your support,
Ellis Walentine, Host

PS I'd like to find a decent turning smock that we could offer with the WC logo. Anyone interested in something like that?

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*** Fleece Jacket Update! *** *LINK*
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